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News | Posted on: 10 August 2016

Wildling Exhibition & Book Launch with Rachel Lockwood


See most of exhibition HERE

Wildling is the latest exhibition and book by British fine artist Rachel Lockwood. Rachel has worked with many publishers, from Bloomsbury to Dorling Kindersly; Wildling is Rachel’s third title in collaboration with Red Hare Publishing. Drawing on her expansive career of studying animals and the habitats they live in, Rachel’s semi-representational, evocative paintings explore our relationship with nature. Rachel’s powerful paintings, with recurrent themes including mother and child, touch the wild nerve lurking deep within us.
Wildling Book £25 (special price £20 on launch day, 23 October) and £65 for special limited edition 65 with original sketch by Rachel and slipcase

Artist’s Perspective
From childhood to adulthood, I did my best to escape the realities of life. They were sometimes unbearably cruel and with each twist and turn when life tried to bend me to its will, I would do my best to slip through its grip. I’d hide in the hollows of holly bushes and watch as the world went by, and I would create worlds of my own from the natural materials I found around me. I didn’t know where I belonged but I found the world of nature had a balance I could understand, not only was it calming, gentle and inspiring it also seemed cruel, but crucially it was honest. My work as an artist has developed as the years have gone by but continued in the same vein. It has allowed me to watch the world around me and keep in touch with the natural wild side of life, a place that seems to make constant sense, even when the world around me seems not to.
Rachel Lockwood
Wildling 2016

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Wildling Rachel Lockwood Book Exhibition Pinkfoot Gallery North Norfolk
  • 200x235
  • £25 & £65 for special edition with original sketch
Rachel Lockwood in her Cley North Norfolk
  • Rachel Lockwood in her studio in Cley, North Norfolk
Pool Dynamics
  • Pool Dynamics
  • 102x107cm
Barn Owls Preparing Rachel Lockwood Pinkfoot Gallery
  • Barn Owls Preparing
  • 50x61cm
Wildling rachel lockwood pinkfoot gallery cley norfolk uk
  • Wildling Book & Exhibition - Rachel Lockwood
Leveret Mother's Arrival Hare Rachel Lockwood PinkfootGallery
  • Leveret Mother's Arrival
  • 38x46cm