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Dave Daly

Dave is without doubt one of the UK’s most successful and talented bird artists and illustrators. The list of books he has illustrated over the years would not fit on this page. As well as publishers, he has worked for various organisations including the Wildlife Trusts. Although based in Wexford, Ireland, Dave travels widely in search of birds and inspiration.

Years of studying bird behaviour has enabled Dave to understand exactly how a bird moves. It is one thing to paint a motionless bird but to be able to capture it in motion and make it look completely believable is a rare skill. Dave’s work also captures the essence and mood of a bird and its habitat. He uses a gentle palette and blends water-colour beautifully to stunning effect.

Being one of the UK’s top bird illustrators is a big achievement but Dave is far more than just an illustrator. His artistic understanding of the natural world and being able to portray it on paper, coupled with his knowledge make him, in our Pinkfooted opinion, one of the best bird artists alive today.

Dave’s work is sought after by collectors and many of his paintings don’t even make gallery walls! As well as the original artwork from his various publications, Dave will be showing his own paintings at Pinkfoot throughout the year.