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News | Posted on: 18 April 2019


With various group exhibitions and solo shows from our artists (and some guest artists) we’re confident we’ll keep our reputation as one of the most exciting galleries in Norfolk (I want to say the UK but that would be bragging).

CATS 25th May – 2nd June, Group Show
We’ve had a great response from our artists and guest artists to submit work inspired by cats. From wooden carvings, bronzes, bronze resins to oil paintings, screen prints and giclee prints – we’ve got cats covered!

GHOST OWLS, Rachel Lockwood 6th -21th July
This beautiful exhibition is the culmination of Rachel Lockwood’s sketches and finished paintings from time spent studying a family of barn owls who nested next to her studio. From the moment the parents moved into the owl box, to the chicks first steps outside the box and their first flight; Rachel sketched every move.
The exhibition includes sketches and finished oil paintings. We’ll be putting them online closer to the time but please note, we will be pre-selling.

THE COAST ROAD 4 – 25th August
From King’s Lynn to Cromer, the iconic ‘Coast Road’ is loved my many. In this group show we’ve asked artists to show us why they love North Norfolk. We can’t wait to see what we get!

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  • NEWS ** We have 4 new paintings being delivered from Peter Wileman on the 9th April, we’ll post them everywhere as soon as we get them!

Other news

Young Owls Waiting, Rachel Lockwood Pinkfootgallery
  • Young Owls Waiting, Rachel Lockwood
  • 38x46cm oil on linen
Anthony Theakston 'Wading Stilt' bronze Edition 12
  • Wading Stilt by Anthony Theakston, bronze
  • 42x30x9 cms
  • £4,900.00
Anthony Theakston 'Little Walking Heron' bronze Edition 12
  • Little Walking Heron, bronze
  • 13x13x4cms
  • £1,500
Leverets in the field Rachel Lockwood pinkfoot gallery
  • Leverets in the Field, Rachel Lockwood
  • 95x125cm oil on linen
Young Owls Waiting II, Rachel Lockwood
  • Young Owls Waiting II, Rachel Lockwood
  • 38x46cm oil on linen
Trout Harriet Mead Pinkfoot Gallery
  • Trout, Harriet Mead pswla
  • 30cm long
HIdden Lands Jo Lawrence Pinkfoot Gallery
  • HIdden Lands, Jo Lawrence
  • 120x120cm
Brent Geese Daniel Cole pinkfoot gallery
  • Brent Geese, Daniel Cole
  • 20x20cm oil on board
Wiggles, Rachel Lockwood pinkfoot gallery
  • Wiggles, Rachel Lockwood
Heron linocut Robert Gillmor pinkfoot gallery
  • Heron, Robert Gillmor
  • 15x21cm, linocut edition 20
  • £395 unframed