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News | Posted on: 11 June 2017

Upcoming Exhibitions

Textures & Light
18th August – 8th September 2017

Martha Winter
My artistic practice has been profoundly influenced by exposure to two vastly different environments. Firstly, growing up in London with minimal art and modern architecture, which gave me the visual language of reduced and economical form and a fascination with systems, repetition and order. Secondly, the regular witnessing of the raw power of the Norfolk coastline. This presented chaos giving me an awareness of natural laws and an interest in physical matter. Through my work I seek to reach a combination of these ingredients, aiming for a point of tension and harmony where a frisson occurs.

Whilst the influences of my work remain constant the means of realisation has gone through several changes. Whilst observing the agricultural environment around me, I began drawing onto flattened soil in the studio as a way of exploring geometry and the patterns in the landscape. Due to the ephemeral nature of this work, regular photographs were made. I began working in the landscape, making larger marks with a spade and creating varying patterns and textures by seeding areas. The resulting photographs, some taken from an aeroplane played with a sense of scale, making connections with micro and macro worlds, that whilst appearing abstract had clearly existed.

During a trip to the Galapagos I saw the results of extreme geological phenomena captured in the lava; this black rock was patterned with the evidence of change from a liquid to a solid state. Following this I became interested with patterns in the formation of matter, from the slow accumulation of cocoliths to form chalk to the swift build up of sand to create dunes.

Louis Rousseau
Space. In a world of chaos and demons, Norfolk gives me space. Here there is space to think, space to wander, to be alone. My work echoes the space I need.
Light. The uninterrupted landscape, unfettered by modernity lets pure light in creating drama and subtly. Indefinable, ever changing. My aim is to interpret this natural theatre.

Andrew & Aimee Haslen – Father & Daughter
From the 20th October fabulous father and daughter team Andrew and Aimie Haslen will be showing their latest work throughout the gallery. We’re really looking forward to ending the year with this wonderful exhibition. We’ll have more news closer to the time.

Other news

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Norfolk Space 7 www.louisrousseauart.com pinkfootgallery
  • Norfolk Space 7, Louis Rousseau
Norfolk Space 3, www.louisrousseauart.com
  • Norfolk Space 3, Louis Rousseau
  • n/a
Disperse-out-II-marthawinter-pinkfoot Gallery
  • Disperse Out II, Martha Winter
  • 122x122cm
Twilight Martha Winter Pinkfoot Gallery
  • Twilight, Martha Winter
  • 122x122cm
  • n/a
Cinnabar Moth Aimie Haslen Pinkfoot Gallery
  • Cinnabar Moth, Aimie Haslen
  • n/a
  • n/a
Harvest Hare Andrew Haslen Pinkfoot Gallery
  • Harvest Hare Andrew Haslen
  • n/a
  • n/a