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Kate Vogler

With roots among Northumbrian hills, seas and rivers, Kate tries to convey a feeling of being at one with the eroding landscape and its history. Kate came to Norfolk to join the degree course in Fine Art, Sculpture at Norwich School of Art. Returning to Norwich after a post graduate course, she taught sculpture and ceramics in schools and adult education centres.

Recently, she has concentrated on developing her work from her Norfolk garden studio – it’s sometimes hard to know if it’s indoors or outside.
Her ceramic vessels are made from coiled clay. They are inspired by fragments of stone, shell and wood which have been shaped on a journey of erosion. Kate tries to echo this in her work.
Working instinctively, Kate attempts to capture those quiet qualities of eroded natural forms. Her vessel shapes are remindful of the way that man has used those same shells, stones and trees as domestic containers.
The surface marks are the result of repeated pit firings in seaweed, seedpods or sawdust collected near her workshop.
“Having controlled the shape, I love the unpredictability of the emerging markings. Taken from the pit, the bare, unglazed vessels seem ancient and invite touch.
Like the landscape of my childhood, their journey is a process of erosion.”
Kate exhibits regularly and runs workshops for students of all ages.