Rachel Lockwood, North Norfolk, Moving Light

  • 15th April 2022 to 29th April 2022

North Norfolk, Moving Light,  Rachel Lockwood 


This latest collection of paintings from Rachel really illustrates the love and understanding she has for her local wildlife and landscape. During the uncertainty of recent times, Rachel repeatedly sought the calming influence of the great outdoors. In her own words, “Nature helps me keep anchored to what is real. The last two years have been unpredictable and unsettling and with the current climate of uncertainty and recurrent bad news, keeping connected to nature really helps me cope. Nature is real and tangible in an unsettling and unpredictable world”.


Rachel studio is on the edge of Cley, she has cultivated a wildness around her and made homes for a variety of life, including owls, deer, hares and plenty of birdlife. Rachel’s painting routine includes daily walks from the studio, encompassing farmland, forest and heath to marsh, coastline and reedbeds. Her fascination with the ever-changing skycapes explains the 12 new landscape paintings included in this exhibition.


There is a lot of emotion in Rachel’s work, from the owlets sat waiting for the parents return to the deer fleeing an unseen danger. And with the bold marks and colours in the landscapes, you get a feeling of the mood of the artist.

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Featured Painting: Barn Owl, East Bound pm Sun, 38x46cm oil linen, £1595  Rachel Lockwood