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If you're looking for a very special piece of art, from oil paintings, sculptures to hand-made and Giclee prints, you've come to the right place. The Pinkfoot Gallery is on the North Norfolk coast in a village called Cley next the Sea. There is a large, free car park by the village hall so you can leave the car and explore the delights of Cley on foot. 

We are a friendly and approachable gallery, and look forward to meeting you

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Introducing Lisa Almond

We're delighted to announce that Lisa Almond has joined the stable of Pinkfoot artists. Lisa's is a world of sea frets, coastal margins and far away places.  We saw Lisa's work online but it was only when we went to visit her studio in Norfolk that we realised the full impact of her work, and it was a joy to see her love affair with paint and canvas.

To view Lisa's work click here.

Shape & Form, Martha Winter and Stephen Page

30th July to 20th August 2024

Martha’s unusual work uses geological materials collected from the landscape; she begins by preparing the material, grinding it down and processing it until it has the consistency she’s looking for, she then applies it, layer by layer to a surface. The rich textural, organic feel of Martha’s work gives it a truly unique voice, something we’re always on the look out for at Pinkfoot.

By contrast, Stephen’s stylish, meticulous bronzes are almost an ode to the perfection of a smooth bronze finish. His crisp, contemporary designs echo an ancient time. As with the art of prehistory, his work takes imaginative liberties with animal form, exaggerating and eliminating features, giving a timeless mythic quality.

Pieces will be added to the exhibition web page over the coming weeks. To view what's been added so far click here.

Short Stories by Carol Saunderson

26th May - 9th June 2024

See The Full Collection

One of the reasons we fell so deeply for Carol's work is her deep, soulful connection to the landscape. We also love her ability to capture subtle, every day stories that unfold, whether it's a dove feeding from a bowl, a distant figure walking a dog or a muntjac bouncing through a meadow; with Carol's instinctive use of colour to describe the mood, these paintings really are jewels. 

The gallery in collaboration with our sister Company, Red Hare Publishing have produced an attractive full colour catalogue to accompany the exhibition, you can buy it online or from the gallery. Click Here To Buy The Catalogue

An Explosion of Colour by Suzanne Lawrence

Watching Suzanne's confidence and style grow over the years has been a joy to behold. Suzanne has found her voice and boy is it loud! With hints of Scottish Colourists and a touch of Fauvism, Suzanne has stamped her personality on a small part of her beloved North Norfolk. We will be posting the full exhibition to our mailing list before the opening, if you'd like to join our mailing list please email us. 

See the Exhibition here

Robert Gillmor MBE, PPSWLA

Robert Gillmor 1936-2022

The Norfolk Wildlife Trust are hosting a major Robert Gillmor Retrospective exhibition at the NWT Cley and Salthouse Marshes from 17th February - 17th April 2024.  For the duration of this exhibition, we will be donating 10% of each sale to the NWT, an organisation Robert passionately supported.

You can see Robert's remaining prints on our website, click on links below. 

Screen Prints    Royal Mail Stamp  Linocuts

Water, Rachel Lockwood

9 – 24th March, Pinkfoot Gallery and by appointment 

During 2024 Rachel will be selling some of her own paintings, her private collection. Although she admits it's like choosing which dear ones to part with, her walls and studio are becoming too crammed.  We will be splitting the collections into subjects and releasing them throughout the year. We start with Water; in 2006, Rachel started a small project studying the life in and around her own garden pond. This grew into a collection of highly finished oil paintings. In 2008 she had her first Water exhibition and continued painting water in this style for the following year until her work took into a different direction, as we know this artist loves to explore. We will be showing some of the collection in the gallery but for the larger paintings we will need to book viewing appointments via the gallery -
(please note, due to the finish on these paintings, it is impossible to reproduce the colours accurately)

Peter Wileman's Norfolk and Beyond

Norfolk & Beyond by Peter Wileman , 21st October - 5th November

We are looking forward to hosting the much-loved artist Peter Wileman this autumn with his stunning collection of paintings from around our very own Norfolk. 

A beautiful 32 page catalogue will be available to purchase and you can have sneak preview online now by clicking HERE

See more HERE   Please note we'll be adding more images as soon as they arrive

John Foker SWLA

5th February 2024

We have a new collection of paintings by artist, John Foker. This Durham based artist (winner of the Artists for Nature Foundation (ANF) Award 2015) is known for his unique approach to painting the environment.  Although birds frequently feature in his paintings John explains the colours, textures and space that surround them are as important as the birds themselves.

Click Here to see John's work

Jane Hodgson 2023 Collection

Join us for this long-awaited new collection from Norfolk-based artist Jane Hodgson. Painting en plein air, Jane's fast working and expressive style captures the essence of the North Norfok coast.

View the exhibition here

Introducing new artist Carol Saunderson

We're very happy to be able to say Carol Saunderson will be joining Pinkfoot and exhibiting with us from July. We've been a fan of Carol's work for some time and believe Carol's soulful, atmospheric works will fit right in here at Pinkfoot. 

We will continue to add more paintings to the website, so please either join our mailing list for more news from Carol or simply give us a bell.

You can see more work HERE

The Haslens - De Novo

14th - 27th July 2023

Father and daughter duo, Andrew and Amie Haslen will be revealing their latest works together at the Pinkfoot Gallery.

Andrew Haslen is an established Suffolk artist, well-known for his paintings of hares after hand-rearing leverets. Inspired by nature and the creatures that inhabit his mini reserve surrounding his studio, Andrew has a gift capturing the moment and character of his subjects. 

Suffolk artist, Amie Haslen studied Fine Art at Aberystwyth University in Wales where the rugged, dramatic landscape and seascape formed the basis of her work. Now established back in Suffolk, Amie is fascinated by the landscape and the secret world of fauna and flora, especially the minutiae so often overlooked. 

See exhibition here

Daniel Cole Spring 2023

We're really looking forward to welcoming Daniel's latest North Norfolk collection to arrive. If you're not lucky enough to experience first-hand our big open spaces, then Daniel's expansive landscape are the next best thing. Concentrating on coast between Wells and the Burnhams, these 10 paintings really show off the unique space and light of the landscape.

20th May - 3rd June 2023


The Restless Coast, Suzanne Lawrence

The Restless Coast, Suzanne Lawrence

Suzanne works tirelessly to capture the light, movement and energy of her local patch on the North Norfolk Coast. Her paintings are an emotional response to what she sees, feels and hears around her in this rapidly and ever changing landscape. Whether it's a day where the east wind blows over the sea with clouds are scudding across the skies, or a sultry, hot and still day with barely a breeze, you feel what Suzanne felt as she painted when you view her work.

27th May - 4th June


New Work by Peter Wileman

This January, we will be exhibiting a collection of stunning new works by Peter Wileman. Works include a range of well known North Norfolk coastal scenes in varying sizes. 

View all work by Peter Wileman here.

For more information, please get in touch: 

The Studio Collection by Rachel Lockwood

We are looking forward to our next collection from Rachel Lockwood which concentrates solely on the life surrounding her studio in Cley next the Sea.

The land around Rachel’s studio has her trapped and mesmerised. After years of creating a natural landscape, the creatures and vegetation within it have her under their spell, becoming the subject of her work. A visiting sparrow hawk is framed by her studio doors one day as it rests and preens. The flowering plants explode like slow motion fireworks, feeding butterflies, hawk-moths and bees. The foxes come to search and dig and the birds breed in the hollows. It is a small slice of North Norfolk and a world of its own. The owls, hares, deer etc all come, they give birth and rear their young and travel through - Rachel is entranced by it, watching the seasons and the changes and the shaping of nature.

This is a collection of her recent work the gallery has managed to take from her studio while distracting her with chocolate. 

See The Collection Here

Small is Great by Rachel Lockwood is a collection of small paintings featuring stylised creatures and landscapes from this Cley-based artist. From sleeping animal forms curled up on a forest floor to a dramatic squall hitting the beach in Cley, Rachel’s unique voice reflects the power and glory of her surrounding habitat.

Available to view in the gallery from 25th March.

Virtual Art Placement Service

You provide the space, and we will provide the art

We are able to offer a free bespoke art placement service, which helps you find the perfect painting to suit your space. Simply send us a photo of your wall, choose a selection of paintings or prints from our website, and we will be able to show you different options of your artwork in situ. 

Or if you're looking for inspiration, we can send you some options to help you decide. 

Send us a photo of your wall and we can do the rest. 


Limited Edition Canvas Prints

We are now able to offer a range of limited edition canvas prints by Rachel Lockwood. Available in a selection of different sizes and framing options.

Please email us for more details:

July, 2022

We are pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition of works by Stephen Page. The main inspiration for the work in 'Entities' comes from an interest in art and artefacts from throughout human history that reflect our changing relationship with animals.

Working from his studio in the Tanat Valley in Mid Wales, Page creates iconic sculptures which are cast in bronze through the lost wax process and finally coloured through the chemical process of patination in a variety of tones, hues and marble effects. Page exhibits nationally and internationally and his work is included in collections in the UK and worldwide.

View Stephen's work here.

Please contact: with any queries. 

Introducing Nicola Mosley

We're always on the look out for new talent; searching for unique styles with a strong voice and we think we've found it with Nicola's work. 

Contemporary landscape artist, Nicola spent her childhood growing up by the sea in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. Now based on the Cornwall coast, the sea constantly informs her work.

You can view Nicola's work in the gallery from 10th February, or view online here

Own Art

Own Art is a national initiative that makes buying contemporary art and craft affordable by providing interest-free loans for the purchase of original work.

Spread the payments over 10 months from  £100 to £2,500  0% interest. Supported by Arts Council England.

Only minutes to apply but a lifetime of pleasure from your purchase.

A beautiful exhibition featuring Twenty Garden Birds by contemporary artist John Dobbs opens Sunday 9th April. John makes each bird come to life in his casual yet skilful depiction of our favourite garden visitors. Painted in oil on square panels and sympathetically framed in hand-built and painted frames, these will make a spectacular collection. We expect a lot of interest in John's paintings, hence we'll be offering these for sale from 10am, 4th April via the telephone. Please email us if you'd like further information.

Exhibition starts in the gallery from 9th April, but they're available to view online now.


View work by John Dobbs here.

New Work by Jennifer Tetlow

Here at Pinkfoot we've been championing sculpture from the very start. Having enjoyed the ancient process of lost wax casting in bronze and carvings from wood, we are now very happy to announce a new partnership with this well-known artist,  Jennifer Tetlow. 

Her work is centred around her love for the natural world, where she aims to capture a creature's essence of simple shape and form. We think her work will make the perfect addition to Pinkfoot Gallery.

You can find her work in the gallery from February 2023, or view online here.

New Work by Daniel Cole

We are excited to have a selection of new works by Daniel Cole in the gallery from 20th July. His hugely popular works feature many recognisable North Norfolk landscapes with an exciting twist of abstraction. 

Daniel is attracted to the light on the North Norfolk coast and is a regular guest at Pinkfoot from his native Cornwall. Here the vast open beach space, big skies, never-ending marsh and rising sand dunes all form the basis of his exciting and invigorating landscapes.

View his latest work here.

Please contact us with any queries:

In Conversation with... Thelma Sykes SWLA

At Pinkfoot, we are passionate about the artists we represent and we believe their work deserves to be enjoyed and appreciated by as many people as possible. We are excited to announce our new series, 'In Conversation With...', where we talk to our artists about their life and work, and share what they have to say with you, allowing you to learn more about how some of your favourite artworks have been created. We are delighted to say that our first conversation is with Thelma Sykes, SWLA.. 

Outdoor Bronzes

We'll be introducing some new larger outdoor bronze sculptures by Anthony Theakston and Stephen Page.  It's early stages but if you'd like more information, please contact the gallery. 01263 740947

Latest from Stephen Henderson

We've always been a huge fans of this wonderfully unique sculptor. Based on the Black Water in Essex, Stephen takes inspiration literally from his doorstep, with water birds and fish as his neighbours. 

You can see more of his work on the link below and in his book A Life of Birds & Fish. £11.95 ,Red Hare Publishing Ltd

Click here to see all of Stephen's work.