Lockwood & Rousseau

  • 23rd October 2022 to 6th November 2022
  • Pinkfoot Gallery, High Street, Cley. NR25 7RB

Centred on the outdoors, the colours and influences of nature ... big Norfolk skies. This exhibition considers the beauty of the natural world and yet at the same time explores the sub-conscious of the ancient, the instincts of the hunter gatherer, survival. The battle of the war within. The struggle, the acknowledgement, the release, the ultimate peace. The ability of the artist to recognise and give voice to the internal through the external. 

Due to the large sizes of many of these paintings (up to and over 1.5 meters wide) some of the paintings may be on view in Rachel's studio in Cley.

Please email us for more details: info@pinkfootgallery.co.uk